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Mike Griffin

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Lesley Piggott

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Child Counsellors
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Pat Murphy

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About Us

What we do
The Service has been established in Peterborough since 1989 and offers mediation in all couple and family disputes particularly those related to separation, divorce and parental conflict. Any issues can be addressed including those concerning children, finance and property. The aim is to help participants in the mediation reach their own agreed decisions and plans for the future. Each should be able to recognise those decisions as fair and reasonable in the circumstances. The intention is to work towards minimising conflict and bitterness and to focus on the needs of any children involved.

Talktime is an additional service offering counselling to children between the ages 6 and 13 who are experiencing difficulties connected with separation, divorce or parental conflict. We are unable to offer this due to City Council funding cuts since 2013.

Quality Standards
The mediators all have considerable previous experience of working in the area of separation and divorce. They have then gone on to complete further training in the particular skills demanded of a family mediator. They are members of the College of Mediators and work in accordance with its professional standards and requirements with annual accreditation and that of the Family Mediation Council. All mediators are recognised individually by the Ministry of Justice to provide publicly funded mediation. The Service is recognised by the Legal Aid Agency as the only provider of publicly funded family mediation in the area that meets its quality mark standards. It is a registered charity and until 2012 was an affiliated member of National Family Mediation.

Area covered
The Service has built a strong reputation with other professionals and agencies working in Peterborough and its surrounding area including Fenland, Rutland, Cambridgeshire and South Lincolnshire. Over the years a wide range of people have found mediation here a source of help – from those initially contemplating separation to those dealing with issues years after divorce, from high-income earners to low-income, from those already in high conflict to those who just want to avoid conflict and separate amicably. It operates from its city centre premises in Peterborough Monday - Friday. Weekly appointments are available in Wisbech, Stamford, Oakham and Huntingdon.

As a registered charity (no. 1087560) the Service is governed by a board of Trustees, currently there are 7 members. They are all interested in the promotion of family mediation, some in an individual capacity and some represent groups working in related areas. The charity is also registered as a company limited by guarantee (no. 416293)

This is a not for profit service but recognises that there are costs inevitably connected with the provision of high quality professional work. Any charges are restricted to covering costs.
In mediation work, income is generated by a Legal Aid Agency contract which pays for clients eligible for public funding. Those not eligible, pay private fees on a sliding scale according to income.

........NEWS....November 2014...Legal Aid is still available for free mediation - now extended..........................................................

Talktime is provided free of charge to those using the service (closed Dec 2013 due to lack of funding).

Equal opportunities
The Service welcomes approaches from all people irrespective of race, colour, ethnic or national origin and does not discriminate because of religion, gender, sexuality, disability, age or marital status.

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